Who is Saurabh Choudhary

Saurabh Choudhary Digital Marketing Expert in Mumbai IndiaOh! You finally reached this page, seeking to know who is Saurabh Choudhary!

Well, to put in simple words, I am a Geek who is in a long-term relationship with Google and enjoys flirting with Social Media. Romancing with Internet for a living began years back when I got my first stint at web designing.

Me being a Digital Marketing Professional is more of a destiny rather than planning. Yeah! A crazy story behind it.

My love for computers developed during the nascent times of Internet in India. The era of dial up internet with 56kbps speed (I dare you to try that speed now), the times of 100 Rs per hour cybercafe imbibed love for the mysterious cyber world in me. The times were magical with Yahoo messenger, mIRC chat and usa.net email accounts. Imagine a world without Social Media networks, can you?

Those were the times when career options in India were limited to being an Engineer or a Doctor. Me being a geek was interested in being a Computer Engineer and doing all the fascinating stuff which I saw in sci-fi movies.

During my engineering, I came across a book on web designing. It was a basic book for beginners which taught web designing.

That book caught my attention and I started reading it, creating webpages and practicing a lot. It took me few months to gain expertise and I was elated by the feeling that I can create a full-fledged website on my own.

One day accidently, I came across a freelance website “guru.com”, which was a turning point for me. After a couple of sleepless nights, wondering about earning money sitting at home, I registered and soon landed my first gig for website design.

Since then there was no turning back. I had designed around 40 websites before I graduated from the college.

But sadly, web designing as a career in India was still not sought after profile and there were only handful of opportunities for the same.

I shifted to Bangalore where I landed my first job which involved mainframes and distributed systems. The job profile was hugely different from web designing. It wasn’t bad but surely it was monotonous. Imagine a job which revolves around a specific list of 50 odd commands, executed at a fixed time each day.

There is no doubt that I learned a lot but it became boring. Gradually over the years, I enhanced my skills to SAP. It was better than mainframes but still, it was monotonous.

Internet and web designing, even while being my passions, were limited to small freelance gigs and a hobby. Though I also gained expertise in SEO with familiarity in Google Adwords and Social Media, but only as a freelancer.

One day, I  decided that I will make my passion as my career. What’s better than that right?

It took me 6 hours (Funny story for another time) to create a concrete action plan to switch my career and transform my passion into my daily life.

I geared up, worked upon my plan which involved restless days and nights of studying, researching and practicing the concepts of Digital Marketing. I believed that it is better to have more hands on experience rather than theory which is fed to you through various institutes which claim to make you an expert but all you get in the end is a certificate and no mastery.

That is why I did not join any Digital Marketing course from an institute.

After few months of “trying-failure-retrying-rectifying-progressing”, I gained expertise over Digital Marketing avenues and soon landed a job too.

At present, I provide Consultation to various brands worldwide, helping them increase their business through the Digital Marketing landscape.

My Digital Marketing Blog is a small initiative to help other Digital Marketing peeps gain insight over latest trends, case studies and tested strategies which may help them enhance their career.

You can reach out to me at connect@saurabhchoudhary.com. It will be great!