Want To Hear A Story?

Hi! I am Saurabh Choudhary, an e commerce consultant, trainer, author and speaker. I have been born and brought up in Delhi NCR although life has taken me to various places for work i.e. Bangalore, Pune and now Mumbai!

Well, to put in simple words, I am a Geek who is in a long-term relationship with Google and enjoys flirting with Social Media. Romancing with Internet for a living began years back when I got my first stint at web designing.

Me being an E commerce/Digital Marketing Professional is more of a destiny rather than planning. Yeah! A crazy story behind it.

My love for computers developed during the nascent times of Internet in India .


I shifted to Bangalore where I landed my first job which involved mainframes and distributed systems. The job profile was hugely different from web designing. It wasn’t bad but surely it was monotonous. Imagine a job which revolves around a specific list of 50 odd commands, executed at a fixed time each day.

There is no doubt that I learned a lot but it became boring. Gradually over the years, I enhanced my skills to SAP. It was better than mainframes but still, it was monotonous.

Internet and web designing, even while being my passions, were limited to small freelance gigs and a hobby. Though I also gained expertise in SEO with familiarity in Google Adwords and Social Media, but only as a freelancer.


One day, I  decided that I will make my passion as my career. What’s better than that right?

It took me 6 hours (Funny story for another time) to create a concrete action plan to switch my career and transform my passion into my daily life.

I geared up, worked upon my plan which involved restless days and nights of studying, researching and practicing the concepts of Digital Marketing. I believed that it is better to have more hands on experience rather than theory which is fed to you through various institutes which claim to make you an expert but all you get in the end is a certificate and no mastery.

That is why I did not join any Digital Marketing course from an institute.

After few months of “trying-failure-retrying-rectifying-progressing”, I gained expertise over Digital Marketing avenues and soon landed a job too. I stayed in the job for years, while understanding the business aspect of a digital marketing agency, client acquisition, nurturing and delivering the results which clients love.

After that, along with 2 awesome guys Srikanth Kolla and Shriraj Karande, I started Digitaleezy, a digital marketing/e commerce agency in Pune.


During my time of working as a digital marketing consultant and for various clients such as Amazon, Jabong, Best Buy, Hobby Lobby and Home Depot, I found my love i.e. E commerce.

While still providing training and consultation to individuals and brands across the globe for holistic digital marketing across all industries, I dived deeper in E commerce.

At present I run multiple e commerce stores, serving across many countries and brands across the globe along with a digital marketing agency, Digitaleezy, in Pune.

Apart from that, I do provide trainings and workshops on e commerce and dropshipping.


During the end of 2016, I noticed that the market is full of theoretical guides, trainings and videos which used to be flocked by people who are yearning to learn digital marketing and help themselves get a better job or probably use the skill in their business. Sadly, that led to people being left disappointed when theoretical knowledge could not take them further.

There were scarce resources which actually emphasized on practical usage or any kind of training which helped them use digital marketing practically.

It gave me an idea to create something which holds their hand, help them practically learn the skills and then utilize them for the actual betterment.

Thus, the book ” Adwords for Digital Marketing Ninjas”was born which is a step by step Google Adwords guide, focusing on basics which are the core foundation of any campaign and strategy. The book guides the user to practically run the campaign, optimize it and scale it. In other words, it makes the user self sufficient.

My aim to create this book was to give something back to the community which has given me so much. I have kept this book as simple as possible so that even someone who is alien to digital marketing and wants to try it, can pick this book up and within days, he or she would be running Google Adwords campaigns.

Since the release of the book in April 2017, around 26,000 copies have been sold worldwide through Amazon and my own website.

Right now, I am updating the book and it will probably be available in Aug 2019.


It was the same reason which provoked me to create an online training module which truly adds value to the knowledge seekers and help them utilize their learning in getting better job, making their online/offline business better, make them a better freelancer or run their own affiliate marketing or e commerce business.

Working on this idea, I established a training system which works on Video based modules with each module having a practical assignment in the end. These assignments are manually checked by me along with weekly doubt clearing sessions, 24 x 7 support and access to special FB group.

I also provide classroom training in Pune to digital marketing enthusiasts.


Being a speaker has it’s own charm as well as responsibility. When hundreds and thousands of people look towards you while you stand at the stage and are committed to deliver valuable knowledge, it is either make it or break it situation. I truly love being a speaker because I love sharing the knowledge, insights and experience which I have acquired over 10 years of my relationship with Digital Marketing/E Commerce

Although, I delivered many sessions in India, my first international speaking stint was in Vietnam where I talked about Psychology and how certain triggers impact online sales. The event was in 2 cities i.e. Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City.  You can check out the video here

Apart from that, I have spoken at various events across the world, focusing on e commerce and marketing psychology.

One great part about being a part of events is that it gives you a chance to meet many like minded people. Meeting such great people enables us to share information, gain some knowledge and network to team up together for work.  Some of the photos of the recent event are here



During the early years of my career, I used to do a lot of content writing. One such day during that time, one of my friends approached me to write a thesis for a student in US. Although I never did that before, I took it up as a challenge and thought, “Why Not?”

The thesis was on a topic related to Psychology.

While researching and working on the thesis, I was astonished how Psychology unravels the layers of human brain and how the overall thought process functions.

I started to strongly believe that one of the key concepts of marketing is understanding the psychology of your audience which will help you perfectly master the psychological triggers to get much higher conversions at lower cost.

There is so much to understand about human brain and having insights of how human brain works, reacts and come to a decision will certainly help us tap into that perfect feeling/thought which will make your audience click on the BUY NOW button instantly.

Since then, I started utilising Psychology concepts in marketing for my clients and my own ventures, which brought really wonderful results.




While I was using Neuromarketing(marketing psychology) extensively for around 7 years, I saw that no one else in India and only a handful of people in the whole world talk about it’s usage, importance and benefits, even when it can literally do wonders to any marketing or sales campaign.

To fill that void and spread awareness of marketing psychology, I thought to create something that makes people understand the value and power of marketing psychology.

There was a huge need of awareness and for that reason, I collated my 7 years of research, case studies and experiments and created a book called as “Psycho Marketing”.

Psycho Marketing is a simple guide which is a perfect fit for beginners and experts alike. A much needed book for Marketing and Sales professional, it is capable of adding value to anyone who will ever need to convince or persuade someone.

Since it’s launch in Oct 2019, the book has got crazy love from readers and it is still going strong, being sold across the world.