Social Media Laboratory : Pune Edition

saurabh choudhary digital marketing consultant in Mumbai

Start Time

10:00 am

January 20, 2018

Finish Time

6:00 pm

January 21, 2018


Pune, Maharashtra


A perfect 2 days extensive social media workshop for business professionals, freelancers, job seekers and digital marketing enthusiasts who wish to lead a wonderful internet marketing life through e commerce or affiliate marketing.

Workshop will focus on upgrading your skills to ensure that you can scale up your business, get a higher paying job or live a wonderful laptop lifestyle.


#1: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.
#2: There are many platforms, but what is right for your business? Save your time & Money!
#3: Ad types on Social Media.
#4: Prospecting, Leads & Sales through paid Ads. Retargeting, Pixels & Tracking. Build your Ideal Customer Avatar.
#5: Best practices, mistakes to avoid.
#6: How to build the right strategy for your business?
#7: How to run your first Lead Gen/Sales campaign.

#8: How to test your campaign without losing money?
#9: How to grab leads without having a website or a landing page.
#10: How to understand Facebook Algorithm better and get low cost per conversion.

#11: When and how to scale your ads and multiply your profits.
#12: How to build up the Campaigns that give 10x ROI.
#13: Psychological triggers for increased sales and conversions.
#14: How to do behavior-based email marketing automation. How to win with Retargeting
#15: How to build a community.
#16: The Case study of how to land digital marketing clients using your laptop.
#17: How to sell online courses and grab the audience for your workshops?
#18: How to lead a laptop lifestyle by building up your internet marketing business using Social Media.
(Affiliate/Dropshopping/E-comm stores/Freelance projects)

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