Pinpointe Review : Perfect Email Marketing For Enterprises

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Pinpointe is a cloud-based email marketing software that has been designed to provide permission-based email communications to help mid-sized Enterprises, Digital Agencies and business marketers to get better results. The platform helps marketers easily nurture contacts, analyze results and deliver more quality opportunities to the sales team by offering comprehensive features like improved targeting, segmentation and drip marketing campaigns.

Pinpointe is one of the most feature-rich email service providers in the market today that helps businesses send permission-based, opt-in email campaigns. The company offers flexibility with multiple plans and on the go packages that helps businesses suffice their email marketing needs. Their customer support is also top-rated and offers assistance via chat, knowledgebase and email along with phone support for Enterprise customers.

Pinpointe Email Services Review

Pinpointe Review : Perfect Email Marketing For Enterprises

Pinpointe Email Review Pinpointe Email Review

Highlight features 

pinpointe email marketing reviews

  • A/B split testing

Pinpointe’s split testing allows you to automatically find your best-performing campaign. You can create multiple variations of your email campaign, with the help of this tool, select a random sample size, and send each variation in equal number. You can try different email design layouts, times of day or days of the week, subject lines, or From names.



Pinpointe will determine the winning email campaign after the email is sent to the sample number of contacts and automatically send the winner to the rest of your contact list.

  • Analytics and tracking

pinpointe email marketing reviews

Pinpointe seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics so that you can measure who is clicking on links within your email and track your email marketing campaign results. You can even easily track you visitor statistics, and conversion rates and revenues with Pinpointe. The tracking and analytic features measures responses to your digital campaigns and also include heat maps, social metrics and inbound marketing tracking.

  • Automation

pinpointe email marketing reviews

Pinpointe’s automation tools allow you to send out automated email series to your email contacts. You can even set up a sequence of drip marketing campaigns based on your contacts’ actions that go out over a specified time period. However, do remember that the Autoresponder campaigns aren’t limited to single emails.

  • Email designer

Pinpointe’s easy-to-use email designer can help you create HTML-only, text-only or multipart emails. You can even create newsletters and promotional emails with the help of this designer which automatically delivers the appropriate format to each subscriber’s inbox. You can use the editor or switch to HTML view to see or edit the code directly.

  • Email templates


Pinpointe has a library of more than 1000 email templates that automatically adjust to mobile phones, iPads and different desktop systems. Though designed by the Pinpointe developers, these are pre-tested, mobile-friendly, ready-to-use html email templates and can be easily customized with your own logo and color scheme.

How to choose your perfect plan?

Pinpointe Email Services Reviews

PinPointe offers packages that are considered best suited for larger companies that send millions of emails a year. The platform also works perfectly for small businesses. It has a wide range of packages available for businesses of all sizes and customers are given complete liberty to choose the plan that perfectly suits their business.

  • OPTION 1

This subscription plan is ideal for businesses that regularly send emails to their subscribers. All you need to do is select the number of active contacts you will upload to and then easily store them in your Pinpointe email contact lists.

You can avail an additional 10% discount if you pre-pay for 6 months.  If you need to send to your full list more than 6 times per month, you will need to consult the Pinpointe support team for high frequency discount prices. US 408-834-7577

  • OPTION 2

You can send emails to your clients and subscribers under the “Send limit” plans. These plans are ideal for small and medium sized businesses that don’t have a rapidly growing email list. The “Send limit” simply means the total number of individual emails that you can send per month.

You can always contact their support team for special high frequency prices in case you need a higher monthly send limit.

Additional offers

Pinpointe’s Enterprise edition is the most popular subscribed package for businesses that send 250,000 to more than 10 million emails a month. The plan is as it a multi-user, cloud-based package and offers seamless syncing of all your emails and email lists. For businesses that regularly send more than 100,000 email a month, Pinpointe also offers a dedicated IP address option. You will have to pay an additional $50 per month for this feature.

Pinpointe offers a 14-day free trial, so that you can try and choose which plan is right for your business. For more information regarding more packages, features, prices, etc. visit their official website.


Customer support

Pinpointe Email marketing Services Reviews

Pinpointe is one of the easiest email marketing platforms to use. The entire platform is well organized and even if you do get stuck somewhere, the super response support team will assist you with every platform. Other than that, the platform also has a marketing blog, a newsletter, webinars, training videos, guides and infographics to provide the answer of almost anything you need.

Customer support on Pointpointe is available anytime anywhere through live chat and email along with Phone support available for Enterprise package subscribers. Whenever you contact the sales department over the phone, you will quickly be connected to a professional and friendly representative who will answer all your questions.

Plus the guidance offered is super quick. As soon as you sign up for a free trial, Pinpointe sends a welcome email that includes instructions for scheduling a training session.


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