💊 9 Bitter Truths and Realities about Social Media Marketing in 2017

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Most of the times, Social Media Marketing is coined as the “Silver Bullet” for any kind of challenges that brands face during their digital marketing campaigns. At times, Social Media Marketing is seen as a magic wand which will do wonders for the brand.

Need to expand the customer base? Go to Social Media

Need to grow your business? Go to Social Media

Need to retain your customers? Go to Social Media

….. and so on!

Are you getting the picture?

Though it is great to rely on Social Media Marketing and no business in the world can afford to ignore it, I am sorry to break the bubble and make you aware of the fact that it will not instantly solve all your business problems.

Yeah! Its a bummer…

As any power is best utilized when you know exactly what it is capable of and what is not possible, Social Media is also the power which you can utilize for your brand if you know what it can do and what it cannot.  Nevertheless, read the 9 harsh truths about Social Media Marketing and what to do about them.


Some “guaranteed” social media tricks just won’t work for you, no matter how awesome they worked for some other brand

I am sure you must have come across a lot of information and guides about Social Media Marketing tricks which “Guarantee” to get you good leads, increase your reach or get you noticed by top influencers.

Surely, it may have worked for someone but none of them work for every brand and every scenario. Some of them may not work for most of the brands at all and some may work for other brands but not just yours.

The key is not to get discouraged here and choose a smarter path i.e. improve your own ability to understand, analyze and conclude that the social media tips which you come across are likely to work for you or not.

How to do that?

The simplest way to do this is by knowing your own brand in a better way along with knowing your audience better.

What is your brand? What is it’s voice? What is the reason for it’s existence? Is it clearly defined? Is it effective? What does your audience love? Where do they hang out online? What is their thought process? Where does your potential customer hang out online?

Once you have answers to these questions, you will have a better vision and clear approach through the dense social media fog which will help you discern the tactics and methods which truly will have the power to deliver for you.


No matter how great your content is, it will be ignored by many people

I am sure you will agree when I say that content does take time to produce. A single tweet or Facebook post also does take a lot of thought process.

As there is a lot of emphasis on content, it is necessary to expand the reach and you would think that great content will always spur a great reaction among your target audience.

But, sadly that isn’t always the case. You could spend hours and days putting together an awesome content which you are sure will help your target achieve success in business. You may have curated a mind blowing list of dos’ and donts’ along with a lot of other content which can elevate their potential. And yet, the reaction may be much lesser than what you expected.

So, what to do now?

My recommendation is that instead of focusing on the people who are not paying attention to the great content which you have produced, focus on the ones who actually are. Engage with them in a better way. Find out what they liked about your content, and then make more content like it which will help them.

And, for the ones who are not listening to you yet, you can try various formats and styles of content to see if something else attracts them or not. But you have got to accept that no matter what you do, some people will never be interested in you or your brand. It is time to let that fact sink in.

What if no one pays interest to your content? What if your content consistently gets low views and engagement?

Well, in that case you definitely have to rework your content generation approach or your content sharing strategy. It will ensure that you find the root cause of low interest and tackle it effectively.


Mistakes are inevitable. But big mistakes can Kill your business.

As we are humans, mistakes are the bitter truth of our lives. We all make mistakes and try to learn from them.

Though some mistakes are forgettable after learning lesson from them, some mistakes are definitely cannot be ignored.

Well, isn’t this a blunder?

These kind of mistakes can really push your brand to the ground and cause your customers to hate your brand in the future.

You can prevent these atrocities by ensuring your Social Media Marketing is handled by people whom you can trust and who can take their responsibilities seriously.

You also need a process of cross check and approvals of content which goes on social media. This will help you ensure that your brand value is reflected through your social media marketing and you prevent such mistakes.


People want Long-form content these days.

I am sure that you are aware that the internet is moving towards content driven conversion presently. Google and readers, both give more value to well researched, experts posts which provide value to the readers.

This step is already set in concrete through Google’s recent updates and it is a huge step towards betterment in terms of content quality on internet. I mean, look at the content which used to be churned out 5-10 years back and compare it will the top content created in 2016 and 2017.

Creating quality content takes time and talent. Be prepared to push your limits in terms of content quality and distribution on Social Media if you want to scale your brand ahead.


You can’t make something go viral.

Social Media Marketing Truth

Well, there is no magic wand or no “Make it viral” button next to social media post publish button which will make it viral. No one has definitely figured out what makes something go viral though, there are some strategies which you can employ to improve the chances.

What does that mean?

It means that there are too many factors which make something viral on social media i.e. what’s trending on news that day, the time of the day content is shared, the general popularity of the topic during the time it was shared etc.

Instead of running behind and focusing on making something viral, try to create compelling content which people may love to share.


Your Facebook LiveStream might only get a small number of views at first.

It’s a proven fact that similar to social media, live streaming also cannot be ignored by brands in present times. Internet is becoming more and more video centric when it comes to engagement. And, live streaming has become more mainstream majorly because of Facebook Live.

But, before you jump your guns and rush to push a live video in expectations of skyrocketing your engagement, it is very important to realize that you may not get lots of views in the first live broadcast itself, infact even 5th-6th time too.

To get engagement on your live videos, it needs some solid strategy and content push so that your target audience set their calendar reminders and do not take a chance to miss it.

Nurture your audience first, engage with them through other methods and then take them towards live broadcast.


It’s really hard to be funny online.

Some brands – like Old Spice,  – have become absolute masters at being funny online.

However, plenty of other brands fail at comedy every day. The people behind those tweets and Facebook posts might be hilarious in real life, but funny doesn’t always translate to the virtual world.

That’s why it’s safer not to try too hard to be a comedian online – unless you’ve got a full marketing team behind you that can help you craft that persona. Be clever, be quirky, be amusing – really, just be yourself (or your brand’s self). By being genuine, you’re bound to step into funny territory at some point or another. And remember, people do get offended easily here.


Often, you can’t predict which of your social media campaigns will be major successes.

Social Media Marketing Truth

Analytics are very important for each social media marketing campaign and they can to some extent, help you in predicting the future success through the past mistakes.

However, it is a harsh reality in social media world that it is very hard to predict whether a campaign will go awesome or go down.  No matter how in depth analysis you have done and scanned your analytics report, you can never be 100% sure of any campaign’s excellence.

Similar to the fact that you cannot control whether something goes viral or not, you cannot control whether your specific campaign will run past all your previous records. However, you can control the effort, strategy and thought which you put in your campaign which eventually will reap you benefits in long run.


Social media success is not instant.

As there are no shortcuts in life, there are no shortcuts in social media marketing. Succeeding in social media takes time. It takes some time and effort to build your brand and see a substantial amount of followers, and some more time to engage with them and convert them into your customers.

The secret key is to be proactive while being patient. Stick to your goals, create practical strategies and watch your analytics.

Social media marketing can be a jungle, but if you stay put and keep learning, you and your brand is bound to success.

Succeeding on social media, in terms of benefiting your brand, takes time – likely, more time than you expect. Even if you see a huge increase in the number of followers you have, it may still take some time for those followers to convert into customers. To know more about Social Media Marketing, read 10 ways to increase your Social Media Engagement like never before.

Your Take

Do you have some experience in Social Media which you wish to share? Some key point or factor which you feel is important for me and the readers here? It will be great if you can share that in the comment section below.

Also share your feedback and queries 🙂



Saurabh Choudhary

Saurabh Choudhary

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  • Gaurav Heera says:

    Not all social-media platforms are the same. You need to choose the right ones for the products or services you’re selling. For example, LinkedIn is a good platform to target for business-to-business sales while Pinterest may be better if you’re in the fashion business. Some of these channels will become obvious when you look at your competitors but see if any relevant channels were overlooked.

    • Perfectly said Gaurav. Every social media platform has a different targeting. We need to choose the platforms wisely keeping brand value, vision, campaign objective and communication in mind.

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