Why not using Web Push Notifications is a mistake?

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web push notifications saurabh choudhary digital marketing expert mumbai

We Digital marketing professionals are in a battle every day. It is a battle where the battlefield is the online space; our weapons are tools such as Search Engines, and Social media networks etc. while the rewards are attention and interest of our target audience, which we gain after winning from our enemies i.e. competitors.Unlike an actual battle, where your victory is defined by your enemy’s putting down his weapons, Digital marketing battle is defined through various factors i.e. Impressions, clicks, conversions, click through rate etc.

Unlike an actual battle, where your victory is defined by your enemy’s putting down his weapons, Digital marketing battle is defined through various factors i.e. Impressions, clicks, conversions, click through rate etc.

Among all of the factors that a Digital marketing professional undertake in a day, one major factor i.e. Engagement stands out and practically defines the success of any campaign.

During a decade of my Digital marketing career, I have learned that Engagement or probably called as “Engagement score” is a prime factor which makes or breaks your campaign and every digital marketing campaign has to engage its target audience, irrelevant of the fact that its end conversion is lead generation, sales, sign ups or any other call to action.

I am sure that you will agree that we are seeing a constant change in Digital marketing trends and every day something new comes up which shows us a better way to engage with our target audience.

The concept of engaging with the audience transforms into a bigger difficulty when it comes to re-engaging i.e. ensuring a repeated engagement with the audience, keeping them hooked on to your brand.

The concept of re-engaging with audience started from sending physical newsletters, moved on to SMS campaigns and has reached RSS subscription and email newsletters. This concept has now taken an interesting turn with “Web Push Notifications”.

What are Web Push Notifications?

Web Push Notifications Saurabh Choudhary Digital Marketing Expert in Mumbai

Are you seeing a lot of this lately?

Web push notifications are the clickable messages which a website can send to its subscribers on their desktop or mobile device. They are similar to app push notifications, which you may have seen on your phone.

Web push notifications have recently become part of re-engagement strategies and they help in

  • Converting a website visitor to a regular visit
  • Converting regular readers into leads
  • Converting leads into customers

Once a website visitor subscribes to Web push notifications, they can be re-engaged through

  • Content: Send them alerts about the new blog post, podcast, video etc.
  • Offers: Announcement of a sale, new offer or any deal
  • Shopping: Send alerts about abandoned shopping cart, luring them in
  • Survey/Poll: Seek feedback from subscribers

Example: I send Web push notifications about new blog posts to subscribers, taking them to my new posts, re-engaging with them.

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Implementation of Web push notifications is easy. Presently, there are many Web push notifications tools, which you can subscribe and enable the notifications on your website. I personally prefer PushAlert because of its simple interface, easy implementation, and decent pricing.

One more reason for me using PushAlert is its segmentation feature, which was missing in all of the previous push notification tools that I have used.

How do Web Push Notifications work?

Basically, the Web push notifications work in 2 steps.

STEP 1: Triggered “Opt-in” Alert

If you have enabled Web push notifications on your website, your visitor will see an opt-in trigger box which will look like this.

Web Push Notifications Saurabh Choudhary Digital Marketing Expert in Mumbai

If your website visitor clicks on Allow, he/she is successfully added to your subscribers’ list and you can send Web push notifications to them in future.

This is a simple “One click” opt-in which works only with HTTPS website because browsers support push notifications only from websites on HTTPS. As all websites are not on HTTPS, the push notification tools create a subdomain for you on HTTPS, which then allows your visitors to subscribe to your website.

You can see that my blog is not on HTTPS thus PushAlert has provided me to which people subscribe.

If you have a website built on HTTPS, then people can directly subscribe to your website without the use of any subdomain.

Remember, when we use a subdomain from the tool, we will not be able to move to another tool or push notification provider because your visitors will subscribe to the specific subdomain, which is provided by the tool itself, and if you switch the tools, you will be provided a new subdomain for which your subscribers have to opt-in again.

STEP 2: Send Push Notifications

When your website’s visitor turns into a subscriber, you can send them push notifications that arrive directly on their desktop or mobile browsers.

These notifications arrive in real time and clicking on them takes the subscriber to the desired URL where we want to bring our subscribers.

Web Push Notifications Saurabh Choudhary Digital Marketing Expert in Mumbai

How to send Push Notifications?

Most of the push notification providers have an easy interface, which can be used to send these notifications. In PushAlert, they have a very simple Dashboard which solves the difficulties related to setting push notifications on the website.

Web Push Notifications Saurabh Choudhary Digital Marketing Expert in MumbaiThe steps are clearly understood from the dashboard, which leaves no room for any issue in the complete process.

My first step is to define the lists under which I will categorize my audience. For that, I clicked on Audience creator and define a new list of subscribers.

Audience Creator Web Push Notifications Saurabh Choudhary Digital Marketing Expert in Mumbai

Audience creator is one major reason for me switching to PushAlert. It is a great feature provided by this tool, which works as a set of rules to sort your subscribers based on various conditions such as Time of the first visit, subscription from a specific URL, a set of URLs etc. This feature has simplified my push notification system and I can now target my audience through better precision, enhancing the engagement on my blog.

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Once I have defined lists on the panel for my blog, I then move to customize the opt-in box.

Web Push Notifications Saurabh Choudhary Digital Marketing Expert in MumbaiHere, I can customize the opt-in box, which the visitor will see when he/her reaches my blog. Remember, even while your content will be one driving factor for visitors to subscribe to the notifications on your website, the look, and communication on this opt-in box also plays a big role in convincing your visitors to subscribe to your notifications.

PushAlert has a great feature here by which we have great options on opt-in box themes to choose from. We can select the default chrome theme which is simple, a bar to appear on top of your website or a box in the middle of the web page.

Using this feature, I can configure the opt-in box according to the theme of my website, my audience type of my communication strategy.

Similarly, we can customize a welcome message, which will reach your website’s visitor once he/she subscribes to your alert.

Web Push Notifications Saurabh Choudhary Digital Marketing Expert in Mumbai

Mine looks something like this

Now, as people have subscribed to the blog, I can send them push notifications on real time basis. For that, all I need to do is just click on “Send Notification” menu option which gives me various options to send a notification now, schedule it for later time, perform A/B testing, send push notifications through email or set up RSS notification to alert subscribers of new blog post on my blog.

Web Push Notifications Saurabh Choudhary Digital Marketing Expert in Mumbai

Frankly, the A/B testing provided by PushAlert is another great feature, which helps me in performing experiments and ensuring that I can optimize the campaign in most effective way possible.

Now, I will send a notification to my subscribers

send notification to subscribers Web Push Notifications Saurabh Choudhary Digital Marketing Expert in Mumbai


Within few moments of me sending this notification, it will directly reach my subscribers and they can see the alert on their desktop or mobile devices which when clicked, will take them to my blog. 

Web Push Notifications Saurabh Choudhary Digital Marketing Expert in Mumbai

This is how the alert is shown on phone

Are Web Push notifications good?

Here is a performance snapshot of the alerts that I have sent from my blog.

Web Push Notifications Saurabh Choudhary Digital Marketing Expert in MumbaiA good email campaign achieves 3-5% CTR during its course. Now the push notification campaign that I am running on my blog has 28.57% CTR which certainly is huge in comparison to an email campaign. Sounds good right? This is how you can also increase engagement with your audience through Web push notifications. Try it now by registering for a free trial of PushAlert by clicking here.

Can subscribers unsubscribe from Web Push notifications?

Yes! The subscribers can easily unsubscribe from the web push notifications through their browser’s settings by going into content settings and managing notifications. With PushAlert, they can unsubscribe in one click through the widget provided along with the tool which also works in displaying static notifications on the website.

unsubscribe from Web Push Notifications Saurabh Choudhary Digital Marketing Expert in MumbaiWeb Push notifications are great and can be used to engage with your audience in amazingly creative ways. You can keep them constantly hooked on to your brand, alert them about new content on your website, announce time bound offer or a deal, customized offers according to their behavior (Possible through PushAlert’s list feature), alert about abandoned shopping cart or even automate blog readership by setting up RSS feed notification.

Best practices for Web Push Notifications

As someone rightly said that a great weapon could protect if used right and can also destruct if used in a wrong way, similarly Push notifications while being a great tool to re-engage with your audience can be very intrusive at the same time.

Thus, we need to ensure that we should not send too many push alerts to our subscribers just because we can. Sending only targeted and relevant notifications to the subscribers ensures the least intrusion while adding value to the user experience.

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Secondly, you should never send push notifications randomly at any hour of the day. They work best during the time when most of the users are active and online during the day.

If in case you have sent a notification to your subscribers late evening, midnight or early morning, the chances are that most of your subscribers will be offline. This will result in your alert showing up when they come back online, along with many other alerts, which they have subscribed to. This will make your notification being lost in a crowd of all alerts, impacting your CTR. Thus, sending a notification during a weekday during 11AM-5PM is the best time to ensure maximum reach and engagement.

How to start Web Push Notifications for my website?

As you are aware how Push notification work, you just need to sign up for the service and implement it on your website. As already stated, I recommend PushAlert which can be setup in 15 minutes and you can enable push notifications easily on your website.

The first step is to Click Here and register for PushAlert. They have 15 days trial during which you can try their service and see the benefits they provide.

PushAlert’s pricing is also great, offering free services for up to 3000 subscribers and competitive prices for other plans too.

pricing plans Web Push Notifications Saurabh Choudhary Digital Marketing Expert in MumbaiYou can select the plan according to the number of subscribers for your website. They will charge you only for active subscribers.

Once enrolled, you will be taken to your dashboard where you can configure your push notification system similar to the one showed in this article.

Integrating Push Notifications on website

With PushAlert, integrating the push notifications is as easy as 1-2-3. You just need to embed the provided code on your website, just before the end of <head> tag. If you are using WordPress or Joomla, you can easily integrate it through PushAlert WordPress plugin or Joomla Plugin.

setup Web Push Notifications Saurabh Choudhary Digital Marketing Expert in MumbaiFurther thoughts on Push Notifications

Web Push notifications are powerful when it comes to engaging with your subscribers. They are the most usable tool which can help in notifying the audience about time-based alerts i.e. offers, events, updates etc. or behavior based alerts i.e. shopping cart abandonment, previous engagement pattern etc.

Using the simple yet powerful features of push notifications, I have successfully engaged with my blog’s audience. Another amazing way to connect with your audience is through Email Marketing. It helps in building your email list and you can easily re-engage with your audience. You can check Top Email Marketing Services Providers With Reviews here.

Try Web Push notifications for your website now by clicking here

Are you already using some other Web Push notification service? Let me know its performance through the comment box below.

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